Mike Tice


Mike as Vincent Price, or is it Vincent Malloy?

Mike Tice has been involved in live games for nearly twenty-five years, starting as a player in some of Enigma’s earliest experiments in the genre. In 1992, he first worked up the courage to design and run a game with Groovy 60′s Cthulhu, which was more fun than it had any right to be. Since then he has designed or helped design a modest number of handcrafted live games, many with a Lovecraftian bent. In addition to game design, Mike’s name crops up occasionally on the outskirts of LARP fame: a photo credit in the first edition of Cthulhu Live (http://skirmisher NULL.cerizmo NULL.com/categories/28--cthulhu-live-3rd-edition) (a supplement for LARPing in the world of Call of Cthulhu)… an article on game balance in live role-playing published in Metagame (http://metagame NULL.larpaweb NULL.net/)… a richly undeserved LARPY statuette in his office. Mike is one of the original members of the Enigma Live Game Labs (now just Live Game Labs), and ran Casino Arcana as an ELGL event at Wyrd Con in June 2010. When not writing about himself in the third person, Mike enjoys travelling through time at a rate of one second per second.

Mike also writes in a variety of modes, from poetry to RPG material. His work can be found in the current version of Chaosium’s Call of Cthulhu rules. His fiction has appeared in various zines, as well as in anthologies such as Dead But Dreaming 2 (http://www NULL.miskatonicriverpress NULL.com/products/dbd2 NULL.shtml) and others. He, his paramour, and his late cat all joined forces to found the Elegantly Amused Press, and its flagship (and only) product: The Eldritch Quintuplets (http://home NULL.roadrunner NULL.com/~eapress/eldquint NULL.html) — a complete retelling of HP Lovecraft’s stories in limerick form. They are still available for sale. Hint hint.

Games Designed (in the pre-LGL era)
Groovy ’60′s Cthulhu, designed by Mike Tice. January 1992.
23 Skidoo, designed by Mike Tice. September 1992.
Yesterday’s Surrender, designed by Harry Teplitz, Michael Reed, Steve Vincena, and Mike Tice. May 22, 1993.
Last Chance for Humanity, designed by Mike Tice. Jan 14, 1995.
Oscar, designed by Mike Tice and Rebecca Strong. March 23, 1996.
Oscar II, designed by Mike Tice and Rebecca Strong. March 22, 1997.
Moonlight on the Ister, designed by Mike Tice. November 1, 1997.
The 29 Steps, designed by Mike Tice. Sep 11, 1999.
Miskatonic University, designed by Mike Tice. 5 episodes: Aug 16, 2003 – Jun 26, 2004.
Space Cadets: Guardians of the High Frontier, designed by Enigma. Run at WorldCon. August 23-27, 2006.
Casino Arcane, designed by Mike Tice. Various incarnations: May 26 and May 27, 2007. Feb 16, 2008. May 29, 2010.
Save Our City, designed by Mike Tice. December 1, 2007.