Aaron Vanek has been running a series of Larps from the Factory (http://larpfactorybookproject NULL.blogspot NULL.com/p/welcome NULL.html). The third one, End Game, ran last Saturday. He plans to run or have someone else run one larp from the book once a month for a year or so. city maps (http://www NULL.mapbild NULL.info) web search history (http://www NULL.historis NULL.info) Then, those that continue to participate will design their own Factory-style larps. If you are interested, contact Aaron (aaronLARP null@null gmail NULL.com).

May 1969. The famous, the infamous, the obscure, the sublime, and the ridiculous gather together in a hotel in Los Angeles, just to find out what happens. A rules-light role-playing experience, where you portray the historical or fictional person of your choice (as they were in 1969). city maps (http://www NULL.mapbild NULL.info) Just imagine what would happen if…

Leonard Nimoy hung out with Jimi Hendrix…
Nimoy Hendrix

or Dick van Dyke and Sean Connery hung out with the Queen…

Or even…
Elvis & Nixon

A Happening will occur Saturday, May 24, 2014 11PM – 2AM
For more info, see the game page. web search history (http://www NULL.historis NULL.info)

Okay, we at LGL realize that last announcement about some larp happening sometime in March was on the vague side, but only now have the lab’s particle accelerators provided the necessary details.

The Great After Party (http://larpfactorybookproject NULL.blogspot NULL.com/2013/10/the-great-after-party NULL.html) will run

Friday night, March 28, 7pm-11pm (party after if you want to)
Location TBD (will be a public restaurant) – FREE TO PLAY

Okay, okay, I guess with that TBD, it’s still got a soupçon of vagueness. But we’ll get that sorted out. city maps (http://www NULL.mapbild NULL.info) web search history (http://www NULL.historis NULL.info) After all, at LGL we go the extra mile to make sure that our soupçon’s have a ç in them. Contact Aaron for more info and/or to sign up to play.

Aaron will also run another larp from the Larp Factory Book in April. More details to follow.

And now that the official Wyrd Con list of events has been announced (but is not yet live on their website) we can reveal that Kirsten of the LGL will be running Limbo! at Wyrd Con 5. You may remember Limbo! from a previous run at Wyrd Con — this version will no doubt be the same only different!

Aaron plans to run a larp sometime in the tail end of March, probably a Friday or Saturday evening at a restaurant somewhere in the Greater Los Angeles area.

This will be “The Great After-Party (http://larpfactorybookproject NULL.blogspot NULL.com/2013/10/the-great-after-party NULL.html)” from the LARP Factory Book:
This is a comedy that plays with the stereotypes of larpers, fantasy larp and post-larp parties. In this larp, the players portray a bunch of excited larpers meeting over a beer just after a classic fantasy larp in the forest. Players will both create the story of the fantasy larp they just finished and play out the consequences it has for relationships at the after-party. Did the princess fall in love with the orc? Why did the general steal the magic feather from the bard, and are they kissing in that corner? The larp belongs to the players, anything can happen, and anything that can happen has already happened in the larp-within-a-larp, Mist over Goblin Peak.

For more info, contact Aaron and/or keep an eye on the SoCAl LARP meetup (http://www NULL.meetup NULL.com/LARP-Calendar-Southern-California/).

Wyrd Con 5 (http://www NULL.wyrdcon NULL.com/) is scheduled for Memorial Day Weekend, moving to its new location at the LAX Westin.

At Wyrd Con, Live Game Labs will be involved in a Thursday night fundraiser for Seekers Unlimited (http://seekersunlimited NULL.com/), our nonprofit sister organization for educational larp. If you’ll be at Wyrd Con, please come to our Casino Night — you can help bring live role-playing to schools and win valuable prizes simultaneously! Seekers Unlimited will soon be working on a project for a big-name client. It’s killing me that I can’t reveal who it is, but come to our fundraiser, and hopefully we’ll be able to tell you more about it then.

Of course, LGL will also be running live games at Wyrd Con 5.

Aaron will present another Larp Factory Book scenario: The Association for the Advancement of Rights for Fairytales Creatures (AFC) (http://larpfactorybookproject NULL.blogspot NULL.no/2013/09/the-association-for-advancement-of NULL.html)

Mike will be designing “A Happening”…

May 1969. The famous, the infamous, the obscure, the sublime, and the ridiculous gather together in a hotel in Los Angeles, just to find out what happens. A rules-light role-playing experience, where you portray the historical or fictional person of your choice (as they were in 1969).

You have received an invitation (postmarked Las Vegas) from Mr. Howard Hughes, inviting you to this gathering in Los Angeles. No reason is given. No guest list is supplied. city maps (http://www NULL.mapbild NULL.info) web search history (http://www NULL.historis NULL.info) First class airfare will be provided upon request. You have decided to accept the invitation.

Also keep your eyes peeled for the international larp census, which should be launching soonish.

A printed version of “Exodus 22:18” (a finalist in the 2013 Larpwriter Challenge) is available through Lulu (http://www NULL.lulu NULL.com/shop/michael-tice/exodus-2218/paperback/product-21406015 NULL.html). Proceeds from the sale of this witch-hunting live game go to Seekers Unlimited (http://seekersunlimited NULL.com/), LGL’s sister nonprofit organization for educational larp.

Aaron Vanek’s “Secret Ante” — an exploration of character through poker — can be downloaded for free at his website (http://aaronvanek NULL.com/free-and-not-so-free-stuff/). web search history (http://www NULL.historis NULL.info) city maps (http://www NULL.mapbild NULL.info)

Yes, Live Game Labs persists…

LGL is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man’s fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. city maps (http://www NULL.mapbild NULL.info) web search history (http://www NULL.historis NULL.info) It is an area which we call the Live Game Labs.

Dreamlands abides.

Private events are in the offing.

And then a private event holy to all Live Game Labbers will war with Wyrd Con 5 during Memorial Day Weekend. Don’t worry, we’ll just clone ourselves.

It’s what we do.

Starship Valkyrie
LGL’s ongoing science fiction spaceship simulation larp continues to present the saga of the Earth Republic and its Star Navy.
Starship Valkyrie events run most weekends through the summer, and there will be a special introductory game presented at Wyrd Con 4 (about which more later).
To learn the latest Valkyrie news, please go to the Starship Valkyrie (http://www NULL.starshipvalkyrie NULL.com/) website.

The Seekers Unlimited Kickstarter Campaign is now live!

You have a chance to help transform education with larp!

American education is at a crossroads. Which path we take from here is up to you. While legislators have mandated standardized tests, student ability has weakened. While schools have eliminated arts and music and anything that can’t be filled in with a #2 pencil, student ability has weakened. Seekers Unlimited is here to offer a new direction: educational live action role-playing.
Edu-larp engages students on many different levels to achieve mastery of a subject. While not a replacement for standard pedagogy, edu-larp increases the involvement of students in a subject and creates a personal connection that fosters interest and achievement.

Seekers Unlimited (http://seekersunlimited NULL.com/) is an educational nonprofit with friendly ties to Live Game Labs. Please take a look at, and spread the word about, the
Seekers Unlimited Kickstarter Campaign (http://www NULL.kickstarter NULL.com/projects/160286787/creating-educational-live-action-role-playing-game).

Some of the Kickstarter rewards offered include live game scenarios written by LGL members Aaron Vanek and Mike Tice.

Oh, and don’t forget to like Seekers Unlimited on Facebook (https://www NULL.facebook NULL.com/seekersunlimited)!

Right now there is a link up for you to download a free Seekers Unlimited edu-larp set in Ancient Mesopotamia!

Wyrd Con 4

Live Game Labs will again have a strong presence at Wyrd Con 4 (http://wyrdcon NULL.com/).

Registration is now live, so be sure to sign up for the events you want before the games fill up. At Wyrd Con 4, LGL will be presenting:

Itras By
Friday 12PM-4PM
Itras By (http://itrasby.com/) is a published surreal RPG that lies at the crossroads of larp and table-top RPG. Itras By is a game turned into living fiction, where all participants are co-creators.

Learning by LARP
Friday 7PM-8PM
A panel discussion on LARP in education led by LGL member Aaron Vanek, who is also Executive Director of Seekers Unlimited, a non-profit corporation that produces edu-larps. Aaron will discuss the current status of larp in education and present demonstrations of edu-larps from Seekers Unlimited that have been run in Southern California.

Dockside Dogs
Friday 10PM-2AM
Call of Cthulhu meets Reservoir Dogs: the larp. Dockside Dogs is a one-shot scenario for the Call of Cthulhu RPG. Players take on the roles of well-dressed criminals that just pulled off a robbery and are waiting for the Big Boss. This is a published scenario written by Paul Fricker, who also wrote “Gatsby & the Great Race” [presented by LGL (in LARP-ed up form) at a previous Wyrd Con].

A Cocktail of LARP & Tabletop RPG
Saturday 9AM-10AM
A panel discussion on the intersection of live action role playing and table top role playing games and their influence on each other. The panel will tie into the Friday run of the game Itras By, though the events are independent.

Exodus 22:18
Saturday 1PM-5PM
In Exodus 22:18, the players portray some of the inhabitants of a European town, some time during the height of the witch trials in the 15th century. The townsfolk must identify and arrest the witches responsible for the death of the local priest.
This live game scenario was one of three finalists in the 2013 Larpwriter Challenge.

Starship Valkyrie: Battle Stations
Saturday 10PM-2AM
An introductory event for Christian Brown’s long-running series of science fiction larps. The ERS Takshaka engages in a major fleet action, resulting in ship damage, and casualties. A fast and furious introduction to Starship Valkyrie!

On the horizon…

The Dreamlands (http://onlineeffects NULL.com/LE/the-dreamlands/)
November 22-24
A weekend camper fantasy larp
based on the fantastical tales of HP Lovecraft
held on private land near the Mojave Desert

Yes, it’s months away, but now’s the time to get involved!

The Dreamlands larp, an original immersive role-playing experience

POSTPONED: New date = November 22-24, 2013

Based on the Dream Cycle stories of H.P. Lovecraft

Location is SoCal Mojave Desert (private land)

Cost is $80 to play (includes food/drink) but there are many discounts. It could cost as low as $15 (minimum) depending. Please share this link and check it out: http://onlineeffects.com/LE/the-dreamlands/ (http://onlineeffects NULL.com/LE/the-dreamlands/)

web search history (http://www NULL.historis NULL.info) city maps (http://www NULL.mapbild NULL.info)

Knutepunkt, the annual gathering of Nordic larpers, will be taking place in Oslo next week. One of the many wonderful events is the 2013 Larpwriter Challenge (http://www NULL.knutepunkt NULL.org/page/larpwriterchallenge/), a competition “for short, re-runnable and manuscript-based larps”. LGL’s own Mike Tice is a finalist, one of three, in the competition. city maps (http://www NULL.mapbild NULL.info) web search history (http://www NULL.historis NULL.info) This means that Mike’s live game, “Exodus 22:18,” will be produced in Oslo along with the other finalists, with the final judging to take place after their runs. Please join us in wishing him the best of luck!

More information about this event will be forthcoming, but for now, save the date:

Over the weekend of June 21-23, people will be transported from the mundane world to the world of HP Lovecraft’s Dreamlands in an official Live Effects LARP designed by LGL’s Aaron Vanek.

You can learn more at the Live Effects Meetup (http://www NULL.meetup NULL.com/LiveEffects/events/106273522/?a=ea1_grp&rv=ea1).

In other Vanek-y news, Mike Young and Aaron’s “The Road Not Taken (http://www NULL.interactiveliterature NULL.org/M/Schedule NULL.php?action=25&EventId=464)” will be run this weekend at Intercon M (http://www NULL.interactiveliterature NULL.org/M/index NULL.php) in Massachusetts. web search history (http://www NULL.historis NULL.info) city maps (http://www NULL.mapbild NULL.info)